(NATIONAL RADIO NEWS) MONCTON MAN WANTS TO BECOME A MARTIAN (Prepared for The World This Weekend – original air date January 19th, 2014)




(REPORTER DEBRIEF) NO MIDWIVES IN NEW BRUNSWICK (Prepared for CBC’s Information Morning – original air date July 8th, 2013)

Back in 2007, the province announced it would bring in midwives. Now the government has cancelled all funding for the development of midwifery. Debrief with Information Morning Host Jonna Brewer.




The last doctor who would treat Ashley Smith says she was outraged at orders to stay out of the teen’s cell, and testifies that waiting until the teen stopped breathing was too great a risk.



(DOCUMENTARY) BOWN’S GENERAL STORE (Prepared for the Central Newfoundland Morning Show – original air date October 18th, 2012)

The iconic Bown’s Store on Change Islands, known for handwritten bills and the ability to sell you anything you might need, was a family affair for more than 110 years. But on November 10th, 2012, it closed it’s doors for good.


(DOCUMENTARY) YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR FROM HONG KONG MAKES WAVES IN LEWISPORTE  (Prepared for the Central Newfoundland Morning Show – original air date August 1st, 2012. Aired on CBC’s In the Field with David Gutnick on September 25th, 2012)

Twenty-year old WIlson Li from Hong Kong owns one of the most popular restaurants in town. Find out why….


(REPORTER DEBRIEF) ELSIE KING DEBRIEF (Prepared for the CBC Radio’s On the Go – original air date June 12th, 2012)

The daughters of an elderly patient, Elsie King, say Eastern Health cut their visiting rights when they questioned the care she was receiving. Eastern Health says it cut visits because their behaviour toward staff was unreasonable and aggressive. Jessica Doria-Brown speaks with Ted Blades, host of On the Go.


(DOCUMENTARY) SECOND LIFE FOR PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS (Prepared for the St. John’s Morning Show – original air date April 30th, 2012)

A short radio documentary on how the plastic grocery bag is finding new love in some unlikely places.


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